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Table of Contents 

The Industrial Revolution and the Printing Press
The Hand Press from Johann Gutenberg to John Dunlap
Adam Ramage, Hand Press Builder
The Ouram Common Press
George Clymer’s Magnificent Columbian
John I. Wells and the Invention of the Hand Press Toggle
The Stansbury Torsion Toggle Hand Printing Press
Samuel Rust and the Washington Hand Press
Color Photos Section
R. Hoe & Co. — Manufacturer of Iron Hand Presses
The Hand Presses of Isaac and Seth Adams
The Hand Presses of Otis Tufts
Hand Presses Made by the Cincinnati Type Foundry
The Hand Presses of Charles and James Foster
The St. Louis Type Foundry Washington Hand Press
The Shniedewend Hand Press
Type Foundries and Machinery Manufacturers and Their Hand Presses
Miscellaneous American-made Hand Presses
European Hand Presses Found in North America
Old Presses, New Work
Appendix: A Chronology of American Makers of Hand Presses
A Brief Hand Press Bibliography
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